Empowering Women and Girls

Goal III: Empowering Women and Girls

support women groups in the local community in carrying out their activities such as farming, cattle rearing, tailoring, and hair dressing; with the aim of promoting their socio-economic participation and boosting income generation.

We also educate them on how to avoid Sexual and Gender-based violence and what to do when faced with such situations.

African girls and women face numerous human rights abuses at all stages of life - as children in school or, as is increasingly the situation of girls affected by HIV/AIDS, out of school; as adults in long-term unions where decision making authority over sex is too rarely theirs and where economic dependence and inequality under the law limit their options for redress; in widowhood where gender discrimination is the rule rather than the exception for inheritance and control of property; and in war and civil conflict where rape is used strategically as a weapon.

Sexual abuse, violence, coercion and discrimination are the overarching violations they face in all stages of life.

As such, ASCOA has developed several programs to combat this abuse by protecting the rights of women and girls. We execute sensitization campaigns with these women groups on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and how to boost their socio-economic participation in the society so as to reduce their dependency on their male counterparts.

The activities involved in boosting their socio-economic participation include farming (gardening) activities, culinary demonstration, tailoring, hair styling and other petty trading. We have appointed members who work as community relays to follow-up these activities with the women groups.

We also organise entrepreneurship training of champion mothers in collaboration with Forest Economics Africa Ltd., and other capacity building workshops.

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