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Association for Community Awareness (ASCOA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the awareness of the local population on HIV/AIDS and its related Stigma, promoting peace building in the society, fostering environmental protection and the fight against climate change, supporting children, and empowering women and girls in order to boost their socio-economic participation and improve their wellbeing.
We envision a world free of HIV/AIDS, where people are not stigmatized because of their HIV status; a world where women are empowered and children are supported; a world where peace reigns and people live in an environment free of pollution and global warming.

Linus Ayangwoh Embe

Founder and President

Mr Linus Ayangwoh Embe founded Association for Community Awareness in 2011 in Equatorial Guinea during his study as a social worker. This dream was later realized when he returned to his home country, Cameroon, to contribute to the pressing needs of his community. Linus Ayangwoh Embe worked as an Ambassador for SAVE THE CHILDREN during his time in Equatorial Guinea where he got his inspiration. He is an active member of the Media Outreach and Advertisement Committee of the Coalition for the Elimination of Aids-related Stigma at Howard University, Washington DC.

Board of Directors

Linus Ayangwoh Embe

Founder and President
Association for Community Awareness
Buea, Cameroon

Zita Andig Isau

Vice President and Executive Director
Senior Investment Officer,
BForest Economics Africa Ltd

Zita Andig Isau

Vice President and Executive Director

Zita Andig has led Association for Community Awareness since its creation. She has overseen and managed the organisation in conducting its tasks and activities in line with the mission and vision of the organisation. Miss Zita Andig coordinated the expansion of the organisation to other regions of the country.
She has also served as the Finance and Administrative Officer with International Medical Corps Cameroon,
worked with the branch office in London during her time there. She is also a member of African Millennium Development Network (AFRINET) and a partner with Forest Economics Ltd, an International Investment Consultancy Group.

Mpende Ernestine

Secretary of the Board
Association for Community Awareness,
Buea Cameroon

Agham Delphine Tanyi

Program Manager
Association for Community Awareness,
Buea Cameroon

Sarrah Christelle Nana

CEO SallyChris Enterprise Ltd.
London, United Kingdom

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Phone Number

Malingo, Lady L Street

Molyko Buea.

South West Region Cameroon
P.O Box 21 Buea

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